Thank you for allowing Coastal Community Federal Credit Union to help improve your lifestyle today with an approved secure loan.

At times, unsecured (signature) loans may require collateral. That collateral may be:

  • “Titled vehicle” loans;
  • With a vehicle that is a 2003 and newer model, that free and clear title may be used as collateral upon review; and
  • Equity in a Title Loan you may have at one or more other financial institution(s) may be used as collateral as well upon review.

To begin your financial freedom, call Coastal Community Federal Credit Union at (409) 765-6067opens phone dialer or come by one of the branches to speak with a loan officer who will assist you with financial opportunities.

Secure Loans

If you do not qualify for unsecured (signature) loan, we may ask you for collateral. Our secured loans are mostly “titled vehicle” loans. If you have a title free and clear and the vehicle is a 2003 and newer, we can use it. We also can pay off your loan from another financial institution if you have equity in it. We would love to help you improve your lifestyle by making you a loan. Call the Credit Union office at 409-765-6067opens phone dialer for more details.

Signature Loans

Our signature loans can fit anyone’s budget. Minimum payment is $40 up to $1,000 balance and $4 per hundred thereafter. Rates vary upon individual’s credit scoring. Maximum limit at the present time is $5,000. Minimum loan disbursement is $200.


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