It is the Credit Union’s philosophy to only charge fees to recover our cost and to charge lower fees than other financial institutions.

The following are our fees as of 01/01/23:

Cashier's Check$5.00
Cashier’s Check for 65 years of age and older$2.00
Money Order$2.00
Check Cashing Fee2%
Visa Gift Cards
($25 - $1000)
Temporary Checks$2.00
Stop Payment - ACH$30.00
Stop Payment - Credit Union Check$30.00
Stop Payment - Checking$30.00
Charge Back Item Fee$30.00
Member Coin Machine Fee0%
Non Member Coin Machine Fee9%
Account Closed Within 30 Days$25.00
Account Reopening Fee$25.00
Photo Copy of Check$2.00
Account Reconciliation Per Hour$30.00
Electronic Title$5.00
Incoming Fax$2.00
Outgoing Fax$1.00
Escheat Fee$10.00
Paper Statement$2.00
Undeliverable/Returned Mail Fee$5.00

Overdraft Protection/NSF

Auto Transfer Overdraft Per Trans.$2.00
Overdraft Protection$30.00
NSF Returned Check$30.00
Courtesy Overdraft Limit$500.00

Wire Transfers Domestic

Outgoing Non Repetitive$30.00

Wire Transfers International

Outgoing International US$30.00
Outgoing International Foreign$30.00

Safe Deposit Boxes

3" x 5" x 22"$20.00
5" x 5" x 22"$25.00
3" x 10" x 22"$30.00
5" x 10" x 22"$50.00
10" x 10" x 22"$50.00
15" x 15" x 27"$75.00
15" x 17" x 27"$75.00
15" x 21" x 27"$75.00
Key Replacement$50.00
Late Rental Payment (5 Days)$10.00

ATM / Debit Card

Replacement Card - Lost or Stolen$10.00
ATM Withdrawal (Out of Network)$3.50
ATM Withdrawal Daily Limit$500.00

Credit Cards

Visa Late Fee$30.00


Late Fee After 10 Days$30.00
Loan Skip A Pay$30.00

Regular Savings

Excessive Withdrawal (After 6 per Month)$5.00

Regular Checking

Monthly Charge - Secure Checking$4.95

Money Market

Balance under $2500.00 + Reg. Ck Div.$10.00

*Fees That Have Increased
**New Fees Added To The Fee Schedule

Contribute to “Wave Goodbye To Hunger” To Waive $30.00 Fee