Teen Accounts

When should I start saving? How do I buy my first car? What’s an interest rate?…If this sounds like you then Claim Your Youth and your credit union have you covered. CYY walks alongside teens empowering us to change the Financial Credit Union CULTURE.Read More »

Cub Club

Coastal Community Federal Credit Union has teamed up with The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program, featuring its Cub Club! As a member of the Cub Club, your child will learn savings tips, be exposed to money management in a fun, engaging way, and a free membership card, as well as the “Trouble with Money” book and a plush toy (while supplies last). Specifically for kids 10 and under.Read More »

$5 Savings Account

All it takes to open an account, if eligible, is $5.00. This savings account pays quarterly dividends. This is the basic account that is needed to build upon to open a variety of special suffixes in your account.

This $5 is the best investment you will make! Click here to become a member!


Now offering JUMBO Certificates! View our rates to learn more about our Certificates Program.

IRA Accounts

We offer Traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). A savings type account with a variable rate and then we offer a Certificate type account that pays more over a longer term.

Christmas Club Account

Not everyone wants to “charge” Christmas gifts and take all year to pay off. Join our Christmas Club Program today and you can deposit into this account by several methods; cash, payroll deduction, and/or direct deposit. Does not have to be a certain amount.