We offer 3 Checking Accounts


FREE Checking Account with eStatement

Secure Checking

Account features ID Protection, Cell Phone Protection, Debt Advantage-Buyers Protection and Extended Warranty, Cash Back and Shopping Rewards, and much more.


A ``money market`` type account.
Minimum balance required is $2,500 and rates are adjusted monthly on the 1st

Direct Deposit

Enjoy the convenience of Direct Deposit into one of our 3 accounts.

Interest Earning

If you open a Money Market checking account and keep $2,500 or more, we will pay YOU. Check out our Rates to learn more.

Money Market

Our money market checking account pays exceptional dividends. If you have $2,500 or more to open our “High Tide” checking, you will receive higher rates than MOST other local financial institutions. Plus, you do not have to order checks if you do not want them. Unlimited withdrawals without penalty. Rates change with the marketplace monthly.

Wiring Instructions

Going to
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
ABA/Routing # 311990511

Credit to
Coastal Community Federal Credit Union
Account# 313182181

Final Credit to
Member’s name
Member’s Account Number